Running for Drake in Oregon

On Saturday May 30, 2015 Bob Ward Jr., who lives in London, England and is Bob Ward’s oldest son, ran the Newport Marathon to raise funding for the Drake in Oregon’s archaeological program. As if running his first marathon was not arduous enough in itself, Bob was dressed as Sir Francis Drake, complete with newly-grown beard. Bob finished in a commendable  4 hours 9 minutes.

Two of Bob’s brothers, Murphy from Newport and Alex from Seattle, also ran and finished the race.

You can still support Bob and help Drake in Oregon find the hard evidence to re-write this important event in local, Oregon, and Anglo-American history by going to our “Contact Us” page and making a donation to the Society. Please add a note that that your donation is in support of Bob Jr’s effort.

All moneys raised will go 100% to our efforts to find hard evidence of Drake’s visit. We have a couple of good leads that we are following.

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These include archaeological investigations to locate and identify the shipwreck that is buried under a tidal mud flat near the mouth of the Salmon River. We believe it may be Tello’s Bark, the small Spanish ship that Drake captured off Costa Rica and left behind on the American coast when he returned to England.

Bob celebrates with an appropriate local brew: Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale!